How A Car Engine Works

Did you know that your car will take in 20,000 cubic feet of air to burn 20 gallons of fuel? That’s the equivalent of a 2,500 sq. ft. house!

If your only experience with a car engine’s inner workings is “How much is that going to cost to fix?” this graphic is for you! Car engines are astoundingly awesome mechanical wonders. It’s time you learned more about the magic under the hood!


IBM: The Four V’s of Big Data

GOOD contacted me to do an infographic for IBM about big data. I’ve been a fan of GOOD for a while now, and of course couldn’t turn down the opportunity! Here’s a link to the graphic on GOOD’s site:


Cheetah: Nature’s Speed Machine

Did you know that cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH faster than a Ferarri? 


Toms Shoes

I got to hand-draw stuff on the ol’ Wacom to indirectly help African kids. Tom’s shoes everyone!


Ugly Betty site for Disney*ABC

This project went very smoothly. The fine folks at Disney*ABC said “fashion mag” style, and the design pretty much designed itself.


iammerrick: Identity & Website

This identity (logo, website) was designed for Merrick. He’s a hip programmer that stays abreast of an ever-changing industry. We wanted something scalable, responsive, and minimal. He was very happy with the result, and I enjoyed the level of trust and creative freedom I was granted.


Skate Wheels Reference Guide

I designed this skate wheel guide because I went to buy a simple set of wheels and was bombarded with way too much information.


How coffee changed America

This graphic was featured on National Geograhpic!


Boxing Mobile

I experimented with new brush techniques in Illustrator for this graphic.


Lumin logo

The cute little bulb there is based on the original Edison light bulb.



One of those projects that feels more like play than work. I illustrated these based on Godzilla and Son of Godzilla. The logo is for hip-hop artists out of Phoenix, AZ.


Energy up in smoke

Tl;dr: If it were legal to grow pot people would waste less energy secretly growing it indoors.


Kelley Blue Book’s “2012 Best Resale Value” Awards

I’ve seen a lot of automotive peripherals using the ribbon motif. I think it works really well for that sharp, classy “new car” feel. Combine that with the award show content of this graphic and we have a winner!


White Yo-Yo logo

Some concepts come together quickly and just work. This was one of those.


Porn & Dopamine

DIN Next, Hefty, Corner Store, and line art.


Becker Time eCommerce layout

A classy online store front page with a classy, semi-masculine feel to it.


My old portfolio site

Self-design is a masochistic endeavor. I was so unsure about the quality of this design that I almost didn’t publish it.


Anonymous Designer Quotes

I was digging on this site, so I decided to design & program my own variation on the theme.


Bridgetown Vocal site & logo

A fancy logo and web design for my favorite PDX vocal coach.


Ace of States: SAT vs. ACT

I love it when clients have suggestions that spark an instant explosion of creativity.


Sporting Stats

Just wanted to experiment with that 60′s western type aesthetic. Even better, since Sports Illustrated has been using Knockout (or Champion) from Hoefler for a long time. Knockout is a woodcut, western style typeface which I used here among other typefaces.


Gone Fishin’

An illustration I did for fun back in ’08. I made a site for it here. Don’t forget to scroll down for a lil surprise.


Me (with hair) on a motorbike

An illustration I did, trying to capture that 60′s vector element.


Dad’s Cars

This is for a personal project that is still in progress.


8BIT Characters: Freddy

Did this to test out a new technique in Illustrator—and because pixelly art will always be close to my heart. 80′s child!


Kelley Blue Book’s “2011 In Review”

I love using the entire color spectrum when I can. The folks at Kelley Blue Book loved it also!


FWA Award: Tropicana Tropolis

Did this site for Tropicana while serving as Art Director at Riser Media. The site has since been taken down, but here’s the FWA archive.


Aluminum type treatment

I am at times overtly fascinated with photoshop trickery. It’s always good to have a smorgasbord of fancy techniques up your sleeve—for any occasion.


Intellysis logo

Logo for a tech-communications firm.


Auto Protection Plans

A simple logo for a small auto insurance company.



I have a friend who continually tells me we NEED to make awesome hipster t-shirts from the title treatment (PORN) on this graphic.


The 4 biggest myths about truckers

Saved the day with the whole “toy truck” thing.


So you want to be a technical writer…

Some low-key data viz for all you aspiring technical writers out there.


The Anatomy of a Breakup

This graphic was done for a Women’s magazine website.


Visconti Pen Shop

This eCommerce design takes a sharp, refined style; however, it supports instead of outshining the beautiful Visconti pens it showcases.